Stockroom East offers co-working space for solo workers as well as teams. We asked the South Bend City Church team what it is about SRE that reeled them in and keeps them hooked.
“We started out as a team of four and have grown to a team of nine! We needed a communal, public space in town to work together where we weren’t taking up multiple tables–taking away from other potential customers and business for those venues. It’s important to us to be in our community during the week, connecting with the people of the city. SRE was the perfect solution for us–here we get to share space with our team and our community.”
“We enjoy the variety of options for workspaces within SRE as well as the decor, the people we share space with, the natural light, and that it’s locally owned. It feels like a hidden treasure (or secret hiding place… )”
We asked the SBCC Team who is most likely to:
  • Be Captain of a Pirate Ship: Matt Graybill
  • Be on Catfish: Katie Miller
  • Win the Lottery and Lose the Ticket: Jason Miller
  • Sleep through a Tornado: Zach Gillis
  • Rocket to Mars with Musk: Jason Miller
  • Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: Matt Graybill or Ryan Yazel
  • Be in a High-Speed Car Chase: tie – Matt Graybill or Manda Harris
  • Have a Better Halloween Costume Than You: tie – Karen Grant or Zach Gillis
And the award goes to:
  • Duct Tape Award: Goes to the person who is able to fix pretty much everything – Matt Graybill
  • Back in the Day Award: Most nostalgic person – Lynn Peisker
  • Dewey Decimal Award: Most organized – Manda Harris
  • Squirrel Award: Has the greatest stash of stuff in their desk – Karen Grant
  • On a Call Award: This person needs you to wait just a moment, they’re on a call – Zach Gillis
  • Vampire Award: Most likely to arrive earliest and leave latest – Matt Graybill
  • The Traveling Medic Award: Aspirin, Tums, you name it, they have it and are always willing to share – Manda Harris
  • Calendar Color Coder Award: For the person who has every second of their day scheduled out – Jason Miller
  • Bermuda Triangle Award: For the person that is best at losing everything. – Jason Miller
  • Running with the Bulls Award: For the biggest risk taker – Mariah Keener
  • Abacus Award: You can always count on them – Everyone
  • The Wonka Award: For the person always bringing sweet treats to the team. – Lynn Peisker
SBCC Team:
Jason Miller – Lead Pastor
Matt Graybill – Executive Pastor
Zach Gillis – Worship Associate & Care Coordinator
Karen Grant – Director of Kids’ Ministry
Manda Harris – Director of Administration
Mariah Keener – Director of Art & Worship
Katie Miller – Administrative Specialist
Lynn Peisker – Project Management Specialist
Ryan Yazel – City Connection Pastor