Coworking FAQs

How do I get started? 

Ready to join our creative coworking community? Here’s how the sign-up process works. 

  1. Let us know you’re ready to join through the contact form or phone number. 
  2. We’ll ask you to select a four-digit entry code that will let you access the space. 
  3. Once we activate your code (usually within 24 hours), you’re good to start working! If you need access right away, we can send you a preliminary code to get you started. 

Are there lockers? Can I leave my work things there? 

We don’t have any lockers (Yet!). You’re welcome to leave your things in the space while you go grab coffee or food nearby, but please take your items with you when you leave. Yes, the space is locked and secure, but we don’t want computers and personal items lying around while others use and visit the space. 

What is coworking?  

Coworking spaces are work environments that are shared by creatives and businesspeople from a variety of workplaces. Some of our members use Stockroom East as a second office, others use it as their primary workplace, and others use it as an office for their creative projects! 

The point is – it’s a place where cool people can get to know each other, collaborate, and get work done away from the office and away from home.

What equipment is there? What do I need to bring? 

The space has plenty of desks, chairs, tables, outlets, etc. for your use. Additionally, the podcast studio is equipped with microphones and sound dampening materials to create an optimal sound space for your recording session. Wifi and a printer are also part of your membership. 

There are no public computers — bring your own laptop, charger, and tech equipment. 

Can I bring people who don’t have a membership in for a meeting? 

Yes! Stockroom East is your working space. If you need to meet with someone about your work – bring them on in! The conference room is also available for larger group meetings. 

We only ask that you limit guest visitors who aren’t there for business (aka your friend who’s jealous of your sweet co-working space) to one visitor/visit per month. If they want to hang out more than that, they are welcome to get their own membership or purchase a day pass!

Can Day Passes Use the Conference Room

If you are working in Stockroom under a day pass, you are not able to reserve / use the conference room. This is specifically reserved for members or private bookings

What are the rules? 

Stockroom East is a relaxing environment that respects the creatives who work there. All we ask is that you respect it back! 

  • Clean up after yourself 
  • Be respectful of others who are working there 
  • Avoid using the X-Ray Consultants parking lot during working hours (there is free street parking on Jefferson and surrounding areas!) 
  • Remember your membership is for YOU. Holding business meetings in the space is great, but friends who want to hang out and work with you should get their own memberships. 

Where can I park? 

Stockroom East is located at the corner of E Jefferson Blvd. and S St. Louis Blvd. Free street parking is available. There are 3 parking spaces available behind the Stockroom East building. After working hours, the X-Ray Consultants parking lot is available for use.  

Where are the light switches?

The lights stay on so people can work at any time! 

Can I hold an event here? 

It depends – but probably! Fill out our contact form for space rental pricing. You can also let us know if you have an idea for one of our Creative Table conversations. 

Rates start at $100/hr. Members receive one event, per year, at 50% off. That means members can host one event each year at $50/hr. 

How do I sign up for events? 

Additional events may be posted on our event page.

Are there openings/is there a limit?

Stockroom East does have more coworking seats available, but there will be a limit to ensure that the workspace doesn’t feel overcrowded.