an intentional creative community space

core values

To Create

SRE exists to create a unique, versatile space for events. South Bend is full of amazing people doing amazing things. SRE is positioning itself to be a place to host events, from live music, poetry readings, networking, to weddings. We desire SRE to be a place people bump shoulders with people creating kick-ass things. 

To Help

SRE exists to help freelancers and small businesses join in downtown/east bank renewal. There is something special happening in the East Bank, and SRE is uniquely positioned to be a part of that growth. 

To Repurpose

SRE exists to take part in the repurposing of existing spaces in South Bend. We are actively breathing life into a space that wasn’t being utilized. This is important to us at SRE. We are a group of people that believe in South Bend and her thriving.  



conference room


podcast / video studio


24 hours access

phone / meeting rooms


East Bank,

South Bend